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    白色联通版杀到 小米4今日首发抢购

    White China Unicom edition M4 debuted today

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    配置规格上,小米4采用目前高端的主流配置,高通骁龙801处理器betway官方下载精装版_首頁(欢迎您), betway官方下载精装版_首頁(欢迎您),不支持MicroSD卡betway官方下载精装版_首頁(欢迎您)betway官方下载精装版_首頁(欢迎您),5英寸1080P分辨率JDI屏幕,具有超广的色域,显示效果出众。1300万像素摄像头+800万像素前置摄像头betway官方下载精装版_首頁(欢迎您),拍照能力更胜以往。3080mAh大电池保证续航betway官方下载精装版_首頁(欢迎您),系统目前仍然使用MIUI V5,全新的MIUI 6则将在8月16日发布。


     After the release of M4, the M4 cell phones went into the phone market quickly, a week after the official release, M4 will debuted formally on the noon of today, and the way of debut was still through the official website one can snap up M4. M4 phones own several editions, and M4 debuted today was just one of white China Unicom edition, and other editions didn’t exist.

    As for the style design, M4 returned the rounded style of M2, and used stainless steels to make the phone, which upgraded a level on the overall quality, but stainless steels was just used in the interior structure and frame of the phone, and the back of M4 was still plastic materials.

    As for configuration specification, M4 uses high-end and mainstream configuration which is Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB RAM+16GB ROM, and the system cannot support MicroSD card; 5-inch JDI screen which resolution ratio is 1080P, having wide color gamut, and own excellent show effect. In addition, the phone owns 13 million pixel camera and 8 million front-facing camera, so the ability to take photos are better than ever. Moreover, the 3080mAh large battery ensures the battery life, and nowadays the system still uses MIUI V5, and new MIUI V6 will be released on the 16th of August.

     The price of M4 is still 1999 RMB, so the cost performance is still high. To be sure is the original period of the release of M4 one get M4 rather difficultly.  But if you are interested in this edition, please try your luck on the noon of today.


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