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    Canon launches two new bridge cameras with powerful zooms

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    佳能已经发布两款新的桥梁照相机,即Canon PowerShot SX520 HSCanon PowerShot SX400 IS。


    佳能的PowerShot SX520PowerShot SX400分别提供42x30x的光学变焦摄像头,配置在一个稍微重新设计的机身之中betway官方下载精装版_首頁(欢迎您),拥有一个新的把手以方便使用。

    佳能的PowerShot SX520在英国(UK)的八月推出,零售价为299英镑。而PowerShot SX400 IS直到九月份才推出,而售价(独家售价)为259英镑betway官方下载精装版_首頁(欢迎您)。

    佳能PowerShot SX520 HS特点:

    佳能PowerShot SX520 HS照相机拥有一个42x光学变焦摄像头,还有一个24mm的宽角镜头,和最大的1008mm的焦距,确保你能捕捉到远处的行为。

    它还拥有一个提升了的变焦镜框自动协助模式(Zoom Framing Assist Auto mode)betway官方下载精装版_首頁(欢迎您),这很显然能自动识别当一个物体移出镜框的时候,从而自动调整变焦摄像头从而重新将物体映入镜头之中。


    SX520 HS装有佳能的获得表扬的HS系统betway官方下载精装版_首頁(欢迎您),是DIGIC 4 Plus处理引擎和1600万像素的背照式CMOS传感器。

    你也可以用SX520 HS记录完整的1080pHD的电影,并且使用这款桥梁相机的创意拍摄镜头betway官方下载精装版_首頁(欢迎您),这里添加了有快门按键的五个额外的镜头,每一个都可添加一个创意拍摄效果。

    不同于SX400 ISbetway官方下载精装版_首頁(欢迎您),更贵的PowerShot SX520 HS也拥有一套完整的手动模式供消费者使用。

    佳能PowerShot SX400 IS特点:

    这两款新的桥梁相机中的更便宜的一款,即佳能PowerShot SX400 IS拥有一个30x光学变焦摄像头和一个24-720mm的焦距范围betway官方下载精装版_首頁(欢迎您)。

    它有一个1600万的CCD传感器betway官方下载精装版_首頁(欢迎您),并且作为一个更大的兄弟产品,它也同样拥有一个DIGIC 4 Plus图像处理传感器。

    在这些之外,PowerShot SX400 IS又添加了一些个性化的东西:它有一系列的滤光镜,包括鱼眼效果(fisheye effect)。

    你也可以用SX400储存720p HD的电影。(欲了解更多前沿资讯看betway官方下载精装版_首頁(欢迎您),请关注中国进出口网:www.sharonvillefinearts.com)

    Canon has launched two new bridge cameras, the Canon PowerShot SX520 HS and Canon PowerShot SX400 IS. 

    The two new bridge cameras are focused on offering powerful zooms on a reasonable budget.

    Canon’s PowerShot SX520 and PowerShot SX400 offer 42x and 30x optical zooms respectively, packaged within a slightly redesigned body with a new handgrip for ease of use. 

    The Canon PowerShot SX520 HS is available in the UK in August, retailing for £299. The PowerShot SX400 IS won’t be available until September and will be an Argos exclusive priced at £259. 

    Canon PowerShot SX520 HS Features
    The Canon PowerShot SX520 HS features a 42x optical zoom with a 1008mm maximum focal length for making sure you capture the action in the distance. 

    It comes with an improved Zoom Framing Assist Auto mode, which apparently automatically detects when a subject is moving out of frame and readjusts the zoom to keep it in focus. 

    Both model have low-shutter lag, improved algorithms over the previous models and a revamped AutoFocus system. 

    The SX520 HS is fitted with Canon’s acclaimed HS system, combining the DIGIC 4 Plus processing engine and a 16-megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor. 

    You can record full 1080p HD movies with the SX520 HS too, and utilise the bridge camera’s Creative Shot, which adds five additional shots with each shutter press, each with a different creative effect added. 

    Unlike the SX400 IS, the more expensive PowerShot SX520 HS has a full manual mode to play with as well.

    Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Features
    The cheaper of the two new bridge cameras, the Canon PowerShot SX400 IS has a 30x optical zoom and offers a 720mm focal range. 

    It features a 16-megapixel CCD sensor and the same Canon DIGIC 4 Plus image processing sensor as its bigger brother. 

    For those looking to add a little personalisation to their shots, the SX400 IS has a range of creative filters, including a fisheye effect. 

    You’ll be able to record 720p HD movies with the SX400 too.


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